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Carl Rungius was born in 1869 in what is now Berlin. In his youth, Rungius attended the Berlin Art School. In 1894, he travelled to New York where his uncle convinced him to stay. In 1895, he headed west for the first time to sketch in Wyoming, a decisive trip that established Rungius’ love of the West.

From 1898 until 1904, he made trips to Wyoming, New Brunswick and the Yukon to hunt and paint. In 1910, Rungius was invited to hunt in Banff, Alberta, and spent the entire summer there.

In 1921, he purchased property in Banff, building a studio/home at which he spent seven months out of the year for the next 36 years.

Over the course of his life, Rungius founded or joined 17 outdoor societies and arts associations, fully engaging in wildlife activities. By the early 1950s, Rungius’ output slowed, and at 83 he took his last trail ride.

In October of 1959, at the age of 90, Rungius died of a stroke while painting in his New York studio.

Featured Artwork:

1907 On Yukon Waters - low res

On Yukon Waters – 1907

Artistic Style → Wildlife Realism

Other Artwork by Carl Rungius: