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Dr. Roberta Bondar was born in 1945 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Her affinity for science began at an early age.

Attaining numerous degrees over the course of her life, she attained a B.A. in Agriculture and Zoology from the University of Guelph, a Masters Degree in experimental Pathology from the University of Western Ontario and a Doctorate in Neurobiology from the University of Toronto as well as a MD from McMaster University .

In 1992, she became Canada’s first woman and neurobiologist in space, working on medical research in the Space Lab. After she returned to Earth, Bondar continued to work for a medical research team studying the effects of micro-gravity on the body. During this time she also attended the Brook’s Institute of Photography in southern California.

Bondar continues to speak globally and work on her photography, as well as address other academic duties.

Featured Artwork:

2001 Knifes Ridge-Dinosaur Provincial Park-low res

Knife’s Ridge-Dinosaur Provincial Park – 2001

Artistic Style → B&W textural Landscape

Other Artwork by Roberta Bondar: